Our statement on being blocked in Bahrain

Bahrain Rights Website Blocked in Bahrain

The website for a new pro-democracy campaign has been blocked by the Bahraini authorities.

The Bahrain Justice and Development Movement (BJDM) was created just one month ago and immediately launched their webpage at http://www.bahrainjdm.org

However, it has now been discovered that for an unknown period of time the website has been blocked in Bahrain.

Users in Bahrain who try to access the site are greeted by the message, “This website has been blocked for violating regulations and laws of the Kingdom of Bahrain.”

BJDM has received no correspondence from Bahrain on this matter, and have no understanding of what regulations and laws it has violated.

Bahrain has a poor record when it comes to the right of free speech.

Countless other opposition and critical websites have been blocked on the same vague grounds.

Dominic Kavakeb from BJDM said,

“This is particularly frustrating as we have recently posted a very important statement from a resigned MP and no one in Bahrain can see it. This is another example of the repressive tactics of the Bahrain government and further proves their inability to listen to criticism.”

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